National Recruitment for ICM

The following is an excerpt from the FICM website in relation to National Recruitment in ICM.

Work is well underway for the 2014 recruitment round for ICM.  The West Midlands Deanery will act as the co-ordinating Deanery for recruitment. National Recruitment for ICM will be for doctors starting in ST3 on the new curriculum.

It is important to note that for August 2014 there will be no upper limit on when a trainee can enter a second specialty within training.  Trainees who apply from partner specialties at a higher level (i.e. ST6), will need to undertake the posts and CCT programme for their new CCT.  This may include training in posts at the Stage 1 (ST3/ST4) level where required. It should be noted that if the trainee is entering the second specialty more than 18 months after entering the first, then the GMC will award them a CESR(CP) in the second specialty, not a CCT.

To read the full article please visit Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine National Recruitment in ICM.  There are a number of documents on this FICM page, however, we have not provided direct links to them here due to their dynamic nature.  Please visit the page above to access the documentation.

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