ICM Audit and Research

Audits and Surveys in the West Midlands

Please let us know of audits, surveys and poster presentations conducted locally that can be shared and learned from.  This is not an exhaustive list but those that have been notified to us.

The following Audits are taking place at UHB:

  • Risk factors, recognition and management of delirium in military ICU patients
  • Cardiac Output Monitoring Survey – collaboration with Research and Audit Federation of Trainees
  • The epidemiology of severe military blast lung injury
  • Weaning practices on the QEHB Critical Care Unit
  • Audit of the use of the MotoMed rehabilitation system on the QEHB Critical Care Unit
  • Perioperative pain management for GI and vascular surgery (WMTRAIN collaboration with West Midlands Research Network)

Other Audits and Surveys

Audits and surveys from outside the region are also welcome to be presented here


Research projects

Research projects in the West Midlands

TRAIN – Charlotte Small et al. at UHB

Virtual restorative environment therapy for burns dressing changes – RCT

Restorative Virtual Environments for Rehabilitation: Does Virtual Nature Therapy enhance sleep on the Intensive Care Unit? RCT

An investigation into the challenging of clinical decisions using virtual simulated hospital scenarios

CircadianSense – Unobtrusive multi-sensing of circadian parameters in real environments

A pilot study to identify early plasma biomarkers in blast injury (in collaboration with Defence Medical Services/University of Edinburgh)



Other Research Projects


FICM projects

Intensive Care Society

ICS Research Projects

Please consult the up-to-date list at the ICS Research Projects page.

  • ABLE (Age of Blood Evaluation) ABLE is a landmark transfusion trial with the following research question: In critically ill adult patients requiring red blood cell (RBC)…
  • ACRE (Assessment of Collaborative Requesting) A UK wide prospective study, to determine whether collaborative requesting (jointly by transplant coordinator and medical staff), increases…
  • BALTI – Prevention A multi-centre, randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled trial will be performed to compare inhaled salmeterol versus placebo in the…
  • BALTI-2 (Beta Agonist Lung Injury Trial – 2) A multicentre UK study into the effects of an intravenous infusion of salbutamol on the 28 day outcome of ventilated patients with…
  • HOPE (HalOPeridol: Effectiveness trial) Two out of every 3 patients in Intensive Care Units Patients with critical illness often develop impaired brain function – “delirium”….
  • ICON (Intensive Care Outcomes Network) The world’s largest multicentre, long term follow up of ex-ICU patients, which provides a resource for health economic evaluations of…
  • LeoPARDS Overwhelming infection, often called sepsis, is a major problem for the health community. According to a recent report in the UK at least…
  • MoDUS Trial aims and objectives: The aim is to test the hypothesis that treatment with enteral Simvastatin 80mg once daily for a maximum of 28…
  • OSCAR (High Frequency OSCillation in ARDS) OSCAR is a multicentre, open, randomised controlled trial. This is a pragmatic, effectiveness study, where the mode of ventilation is…
  • SuDDICU (now published) Infections acquired in hospital are a major cause of illness and death. They contribute to the rising cost of health care. Critically ill…
  • TracMan (Tracheostomy Management in critical Care) In patients predicted to require ventilatory support for 7 days or more, placing a tracheostomy on day 1 to 4 following ICU admission… This has led to FICM Guidance for Tracheostomy Management (2020)
  • VACS: Vasopressin and Corticosteroids in Septic Shock A small controlled trial to test for a biological interaction between vasopresssin and corticosteroids to act as a pilot study for further…
  • VANISH VANISH (vasopressin in sepsis):The VANISH trial is the large scale clinical trial
  • Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Rapid detection and treatment of ventilator-associated pneumonia – towards improved antibiotic stewardship. Ventilator-associated…

Scottish Intensive Care Society

Additional research projects details can be found here.

ICM Audit and Research is continuously changing.  We attempt to keep this page up to date with these changes but you may find some of the above links inactive or the research or audit project finished.