ICM Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

ICM Annual Review of Competence Progressions (ARCPs) are required each year to determine if the trainee is able to progress to the next training year.  ICM training is complicated as time is spent acquiring competence in other specialties as well as ICM.  Some competences can only be acquired during an ICM module but many can be acquired in any of the acute specialties.  It is important for trainees on dual programmes to cross reference competencies so they can be double counted.  Those trainees on single CCT programmes will acquire the competences within the ICM programme but may well be undertaking acute medicine or anaesthesia modules.  For the purpose of the ARCP the trainee will be expected to have achieved the competences on a pro rata basis e.g. Stage 1 is usually of 24 months duration and hence at the ARCP after the first year the trainee will be expected to have achieved 50% of what is required to complete Stage 1 in order to be given an outcome 1.

The ARCP provides a formal process which uses the evidence gathered by the trainee, relating to his/her progress in the training programme. It should normally be undertaken on an annual basis for trainees in specialty training and will enable the trainee, the Postgraduate Dean and employers to document that the competences required are being gained at an appropriate rate and through appropriate experience. The process may be conducted more frequently if there is a need to deal with progression issues outside the annual review. Plans for future training can then also be agreed.   Progress is detailed against GMC approved curricular. A detailed explanation can be found in the Gold Guide.

ARCP Checklist

FICM have put together a comprehensive guide and checklist for ARCPs


All trainees must be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC).

All Intensive Care Medicine trainees must be registered with the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM).

Portfolio of Training

All trainees are required to keep a portfolio of training.  This is used to record evidence of achievement of competencies and will be used as part of the ARCP process.


Since August 2021, the ICM training portfolio has moved to the RCOA’s Lifelong Learning Platform.

FICM provides detailed guidance on how to use this portfolio on this page.


A procedural logbook is required for your ARCP.

FICM do not specify how this data is collected or presented but examples are available on this page

The involvement and level of supervision should be noted to demonstrate progression to independent practice. Patient identifiable data should never be recorded.

A summary of your logbook should be available for review in your ESSR for ARCP.

Educational Supervisor Structured Report (ESSR)

The ESSR is created by the trainee and should cover the year of training. This will combine the evidence from your portfolio and is used by the assessment panel during your ARCP.


This is an annual self declaration form for revalidation purposes. The deanery will contact you with a link to complete this online via TIS Self Service. This will need to be completed and uploaded onto your ESSR prior to your ARCP.

2024 Dates for WM ICM Trainees

Provision dates for 2024 ARCPs:

  • 13th & 14th May 2024 (remote reviews)
  • 10th June 2024 (face to face – if required)

All evidence will need to be uploaded & ESSR’s completed 2 weeks before the ARCP date.



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