The new Fellow of The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FFICM) examination is a part of the assessment of the new standalone CCT in Intensive Care Medicine, and will enable national standards to be applied fairly for all learners irrespective of where or by whom they are trained.

Please refer to the Final FICM Examination Blueprint for details of how the exam maps against the curriculum competencies (taken from the FICM Curriculum Part II).

Further information on the FFICM Exam can be found here.

The FICM Tutor at UHNM Stoke, Nehal Patel will coordinate exam preparation information for the region.

Suggested Reading List

Available Courses

Useful websites in preparation

Critical Care Reviews
Life in the Fast Lane

Intensive Care Society Exams page

Intensive Care Network Exam resources
Intensive Care Network CICM Exam resources
Intensive Care Network Paeds
Intensive Care Network Primary Exam Guide
Intensive Care Network ICU Radiology
Intensive Care Network Clinical Cases
Intensive Care Network Lung Ultrasound Guide
Intensive Care Network Podcasts
Critical Care Practitioner


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